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BMX 150 ST - UTILITY full size, Fully Automatic, Air Shocks
BMX 150 ST - UTILITY full size, Fully Automatic, Air Shocks
BMX 150 ST - UTILITY full size, Fully Automatic, Air Shocks BMX 150 ST - UTILITY full size, Fully Automatic, Air Shocks BMX 150 ST - UTILITY full size, Fully Automatic, Air Shocks BMX 150 ST - UTILITY full size, Fully Automatic, Air Shocks BMX 150 ST - UTILITY full size, Fully Automatic, Air Shocks BMX 150 ST - UTILITY full size, Fully Automatic, Air Shocks BMX 150 ST - UTILITY full size, Fully Automatic, Air Shocks
BMX 150 ST - UTILITY full size, Air Shocks
The BMX 150 ST is DESIGNED TO LAST!!! This unit is the ATV with all the features you are looking for! Built to give you an unbelievably fun ride, the BMX brand gives you all that you would want and need at an unbelievable price! Enjoy quality family time with your own brand new ATV!!! The BMX 150 ST Utility is WELL BUILT with superior QUALITY and STRENGTH to stand up to wear and tear.
Incredible 12 Month Warranty Included with ALL Vehicles!!
As a valued customer, you will receive a STANDARD 12 month engine and a 90 day manufacturer parts warranty included from us on all of our ATVs, Go-Karts, and Dirt Bikes, Street Legal Scooters and Helmets and accessories.
  • Engine: 150cc, 4-stroke (no need to mix the oil with gasoline) with Reverse, Air Cooled, Gas Powered Engine.  Very quiet=neighborhood friendly.
  • Transmission:  Fully Automatic (no hand clutch) with CVT (constant variable transmission). No learning curve, just get on, push the throttle with your thumb and go. With the automatic transmission, it is easy to share with friends.
  • Reverse:  Forward-Neutral-Reverse lever on right side and a Reverse Indicator Light on handle bars. 
  • Safety:
    • Brush Guard:   Helps to keep small shrubs and brush away.
    • Foot Guard:    Provides a barrier between the rider's legs and the tires.  
    • Kill switch:  Mounted on the handle bar, the kill switch stalls the engine and the unit rolls to a stop.
    • Extra Large Disc Brake:  For faster and easier stopping
  • Maximum Speed:  35 mph. The unit has a governor controlled system with an adjustable speed from 7-35 mph.  The Governor "Style" System allows for adjustment of the maximum speed by simply screwing in or out a small screw located on the right side of the handle bar.  This screw limits how far the child can push in the thumb throttle, which limits the maximum speed, keeping your child safe while they are learning to ride the ATV.
  • Drive train:      2-wheel, chain drive.  Chain drive is more dependable, easier and cheaper to replace than a shaft drive.
  • Horse Power:   9.4 Hp (approximate).  Beware of other sellers inflating this number.  All similar sized engines have the same horsepower. 
  • Lubrication:      The unit already comes filled with engine oil.  It uses ATV 10w30 or ATV 10w40 available at your local auto part store.  So it is ready to go.  Add gasoline, start it with the key or remote, push the thumb throttle and go.
  • Max.Power:     7.0 kw/7000rpm
  • Max. Torque:  8.8 N/M/6500 Rpm   
  • Starter:             Electric keyed start.  Capacitor discharge ignition (CDI).
  • Front Suspension:     Dual Hydraulic Shocks with a Double A-Swing Arm Full Suspension for a balanced ride.
  • Rear Suspension:     Heavy duty 2.75" diameter rear mono shock for smooth riding.
  • Front Brakes:           Dual Drum brakes controlled from right handle grip. 
  • Rear Brakes:           Hydraulic disc brake controlled from left handle grip. 
  • Tires:
    • Front:     21" x 7" x 8" (outer diameter x width x inside diameter).  All terrain and long lasting.
    • Rear:      20" x 9.5" x 8" (outer diameter x width x inside diameter).  All terrain and long lasting.
  • Body:    At Best Price ATVs we use a Heavy Duty UV resistant Injection Molded body while many companies are still using fiberglass which is more likely to crack.   
  • Colors:  Of course, pictures of all available colors are not shown for each model.  To see all colors available, go to the far bottom of this page and you will see "Select 1st Color Choice" and "Select 2nd Color Choice".  This shows you what colors are available.  If you want only one color choice, then choose the same color for both your first and second color choices.
  • 12 Gauge Steel Frame:  All BestPriceATV quads use tubular frames with a powercoated finish.  Don't be fooled by cheap imititations, all of ours use 12 gauge steel frames while others use 14, 16 or even 18 gauge steel frames (smaller number is thicker).
  • Fuel:                   Regular unleaded gasoline - no need to mix oil with gas.
  • Fuel Capacity:   1.5 gallons  
  • Fuel Tank:         Rust Free Poly
  • Ground Clearance:  Front A-Arm to ground is 7.2" and Rear axle to ground is 8.7".  Unlike cheaper ATV's, this unit has a protective metal skid plate under the rear disk brake and chain. Without this, any large objects passing between the wheels can easily damage the rear brakes and sprocket.
  • Dimensions:   66" x 39" x 44"  (total length x width x handle bar height)
  • Rugged Composite Shell:  60" x 31.2"  (length x width)
  • Wheelbase:   46" (distance from front to rear axle)
  • Seat Height:  31 (from ground to top of the seat)
  • Seat Length:  23" 
  • Distance from foot rest to top of seat: 16.5"
  • Foot rest length:      15"  (room for your foot) 
  • Seat:  Removable and made of poly-foam all weather vinyl.
  • Weight of unit:  350 pounds.
  • Weight Capacity: (Manufacturer's allowable rider weight):  200 pounds.  We have never had any weight capacity related problems with any of our units.  
  • Other features:   Dual Rear brake light, Dual headlights, owners manual and assembly tools.
  • Other controls:   Headlight switch, kill switch on handles, high/low beam headlight switch, and a Reverse Indicator Light.
  •  Assembly: Usually takes about 1 to 2 hours. The ATVs are completely assembled in the factory and fully tested. After testing, the tires, battery, front bumper, racks and the handle bars are removed. So to assemble, put these items back on and simply tighten the bolts. For example, the whole handle bar assembly goes back on with just a bracket and four bolts. 
  • Maintenance: Look in your local yellow pages for lawn mower repair or small engine repair.  These atvs have engines similar to other small engines and can easily be repaired by these people or a relative or neighbor that is a handyman.  All they need to do is to call us up so we can furnish the parts needed.  
  • Shipping: This ATV is normally delivered to you by SAIA or Road Runner trucking company. We have paid extra so that the residential delivery, lift gate and the telephone call to you by the trucking company is all paid by us. So yes, residential delivery is free. The trucking company will usually call you up the day prior to delivery and arrange a suitable delivery time. Make sure when buying this unit that you include at least 2 daytime phone numbers so that the trucking company can get in contact with you to arrange this suitable delivery time. Free Rush shipping on all orders and you should expect to receive your unit within 7-10 buisness days from placing the order.

  • No Sales Tax: We do not charge you any sales tax. We will ship you the unit shown direct out of our warehouse in Dallas, Texas.  After it leaves our warehouse, it usually takes between 2 to 6 working days to get to you.  Do not count Saturday or Sunday as a working day because the trucking companies do not work.
  • Questions: Any other questions, please call us at 866-474-5060 between the hours of  8:00am to 9:00pm central time - 7 days a week. 
  • Conclusion: No sales tax, no shipping charges, many safety features, full support of three full time phone techs and two repair technicians.  We have been selling this unit for several years and have a very good parts supply.  Notice the additional link on our website at the top left hand corner of your screen "Parts for ATVs" for some of our more popular parts.  Call us if you have any questions. If you are serious about buying this unit, we are obviously your best choice here at
  • Most Common Question we are asked:  How come we are so much cheaper than the other internet sellers or your local dealers?  Why do we offer free shipping while most other internet sellers add an additional $150-$250 to ship it to you?   Answer:  We are the biggest direct importer of Chinese ATVs in the USA and we sell to them.  If you buy from us, their isn't any middle man such as the internet seller working out of his house or your local dealer.   We currently have over 400 active dealers spread across the USA; they buy from us and sell to you.  The other internet sellers operate out of their homes; they buy from us and have us ship it to you.  You will notice that they do not ship from where they are located.  So they have no parts and no atvs but rely on companies like ours to fill their orders.  As for your local dealers, they pay us close to what we are charging you and then mark the price up $300-$400 to make money.  Most have no local competition so they can charge what the market will bear.  An example of all this is if you could buy your TV directly from the manufacturer instead of your local retailer, you would save a lot of money.  Buy direct from us and you save money plus have parts available by cutting out the middle guy.
  • Other: Hopefully now that you have decided to buy from us, add the extra 3-month parts warranty for $69 or the extra 9 month for $149 (it comes standard with a 3 month parts warranty).  Look at the ATV ramps and ATV covers on our site. Consider a child's or adultís helmet for $49.95.  Later, after you have received your unit, don't forget that you bought your ATV from because your child's new found friends and cousins will want one also.

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